Tampa Teen Accused of Being the Mastermind Behind Celebrity Twitter Hack

Graham Clark, a 17-year old Tampa local, was recently arrested for his role in the Twitter hack of prominent accounts, including that of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, just to name a few. The state of Florida filed 30 felony charges against Clark for allegedly scamming people across the U.S. in connection with the July 15 high profile Twitter hack.  

The list of charges in the case is exhaustive and presently include:  

  • one count of organized fraud,  
  • 17 counts of communications fraud,  
  • one count of fraudulent use of personal information with $100,000 OR 30 or more victims,  
  • 10 counts of fraudulent use of personal information (also known as identity theft), and  
  • one count of access to a computer or electronic device without authority.  

Of course, as Federal defense attorneys, we know that he is also possibly facing future conspiracy charges (law enforcement arrested 3 involved in the case including another man from the U.K.) and with wire fraud charges for the financial aspects of the crime. 

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A Scam That Baffled Everyone 

The scam known as “Bit-Con” involved stealing the identities of famous people, posting Twitter messages in their name, and directing Twitter users to send Bitcoin to accounts authorities believe to be associated with Clark.  

“As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is difficult to track and recover if stolen in a scam.” 

-The Florida State Attorney’s office 

While Clark used the names of a long list of famous celebrities to carry out his elaborate scam, they are not the primary victims in this case. Bit-Con was designed to deceive and steal from regular Americans located across the United States. In just one day, Clark racked up 400 transfers and $100,000 in Bitcoin. 

Twitter Needs to “Step Up Its Game” 

To many officials, this unprecedented breach is alarming as similar hacks could target Florida’s economy and elections.  

“The fact that a teenager could gain such access to Twitter is mind-boggling and goes to prove that the tech-giant needs to step up its game.”  

-Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer 

For this reason, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, along with several federal agencies, will conduct a thorough investigation into Twitter to provide vital information that will help protect citizens from future hacks like this. Twitter is a powerful tool that governments, industries, known members of the media, and billions of other people rely on for communicating daily. The platform routinely involves the transfer of important information. 

Defending Fraud & Theft Cases 

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