3 days ago
Legal News

Can AI Imagery Lead to Pornography Charges?

AI-generated imagery is rapidly evolving into an easily accessible resource for creative individuals to express their unique ideas. However, AI’s capacity to produce virtually any image means it will execute the instructions any user directs, regar...

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1 week ago
Defense Strategies

The Role of AI in Criminal Charges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been integrated into every facet of modern life, and the criminal justice system is no exception. AI's role in criminal policing, investigation, prosecution, and judicial decision-making is increasing. From p...

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car insurance on table with money and a magnifying glass
3 weeks ago
DUI Defense

The Impact of a DUI on Insurance

Thousands of individuals find themselves facing a DUI every year and one of the most pressing concerns is often the potential impact on their insurance rates. From steep premium hikes to potential policy cancellations, the fallout from a DUI convicti...

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