Federal Gun-Related Crimes Defense

Over the last three years, federal prosecution of firearm charges has been on the rise, with a 10.8% increase between 2016 and 2017 alone. In three out of four of these weapons prosecutions, the defendants were prohibited individuals who cannot legally own a gun.

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Persons Prohibited from Possessing a Firearm or Ammunition under Federal Law

Federal firearms charges include a wide range of offenses related to their possession, use, sale and distribution. Under these laws, specific groups of people are prohibited from possessing firearms:

    • Convicted Felons
    • People with Domestic Violence Convictions
    • People who have Domestic Violence Civil Injunctions which specifically that that they are not allowed to own or possess a firearm

Until recently, these people were not targeted for prosecution by the federal government, but this has changed.

Using sting operations, undercover agents or undercover confidential informants gather evidence that prohibited individuals own or are in possession of a gun, or are illegally selling them. By targeting prohibited individuals at the federal level, these defendants now face exposure to greater penalties, including longer prison sentences, than they if they were charged in state court. Because your exposure is significantly greater, you need to hire a firearms and gun charge attorney with expertise in federal court.


Many skilled criminal defense attorney have experience representing clients facing felony firearm charges on the state level, but have little to no experience in the federal system. If you are facing federal firearms charges it is extremely important that you hire an expert who understands the federal criminal justice system. Hire our defense attorneys because they:

    • Know the federal process and what is required to represent you at this level;
    • Understand opportunities to mitigate your exposure;
    • Will negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the severity of the charges or penalties you may face; and
    • Will review the sentencing guideline calculations and identify areas that can be attacked to achieve probation or a reduced sentence.


The attorneys of Stechschulte Nell Law have represented many prohibited individuals facing federal firearms charges and aggressively works to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Ben Stechschulte is a former criminal prosecutor and currently is a board certified Florida criminal defense attorney.

Our law firm has the experience needed for your federal guns and firearms charges. The stakes are higher at the federal level and you deserve to work with an attorney who understands this system. Contact our top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Tampa today to review your case.