young juvenile boy sitting on floor
8 months ago
Juvenile Defense

Do Diversion Programs Work?

Anyone who watches television or views social media platforms has seen viral videos of juvenile offenders and young adults committing crimes without apparent consequences. Some people respond by demanding stiffer penalties and longer jail terms for l...

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brick college building on campus
11 months ago
Juvenile Defense, Sex Crimes

Defending Sex Crimes on Campus

Sexual assaults on campus have become a major topic in the media and in family homes when discussing which colleges offer the highest quality education in the safest campus environment. But no matter how much preparation someone does to choose a coll...

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2 years ago
DUI Defense, Juvenile Defense

Underage DUI in Florida Facts

An underage DUI in Florida requires only a 0.02 BAC level, about one single drink.    Florida’s legal drinking age is 21 as mandated by federal law. That means Florida law prohibits anyone younger than age 21 to consume any alcohol. And unl...

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