Defending Identity Theft Charges

At Stechschulte Nell, some of the most common types of criminal cases we deal with are identity theft. This is not surprising, as there are around 3 million complaints received by the Consumer Sentinel Network each year regarding identity theft. If you have been accused of or believe you are under investigation for this crime, it is critical that you contact a federal defense attorney right away.

Ben Stechschulte of Stechsculte Nell is a board certified criminal trial law attorney, putting him among the top two percent of attorneys in Florida who hold this certification. He is also a former prosecutor and has extensive federal defense experience, and this makes him uniquely qualified to help you as you build your identity theft defense. Contact Stechschulte Nell today at 813-280-1244 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with an identity theft defense expert.

Understanding Identity Theft Cases

Identity theft is any misuse of another person’s identifying information, including both personal and financial. This can include everything from using stolen credit card or debit card information to using an individual’s Social Security numbers to access federal benefits or open new financial accounts. Often, identity theft cases involve tax or Social Security fraud. In these cases, an individual is accused of using someone’s personal information to file fraudulent tax returns or gather government benefits unfairly.

Because of recent federal laws, these actions have serious, far-reaching penalties. In 1998, Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deference Act, which made identity theft a federal crime. The Theft Penalty Enhancement Act of 2004 added increased penalties for aggravated identity theft charges, requiring a minimum of two years in prison. Because of these acts, identity theft charges require prompt, decisive action, because your liberty and future are at risk. They also require the services of a federal defense attorney.

Unlike many Tampa defenses attorneys, Ben Stechschulte of Stechschulte Nell has the experience and permission to represent those facing federal charges. If you have been accused of identity theft, it is imperative that you contact Bet at Stechschulte Nell immediately.

Building a Solid Defense in Identity Theft Cases

Stechschulte Nell has extensive experience assisting individuals facing identity theft charges. In these cases, our firm will:

  • Work to convince the U.S. District Attorney that the charge of aggravated identity theft does not apply to your case.
  • Dig into the evidence to find mitigating circumstances that lead to a dismissal of the charges.
  • Negotiate the case outside of court to avoid stresses and costs of court.
  • Provide aggressive representation in court if needed.

All criminal charges need aggressive representation, but the far-reaching implications and minimum two-year sentence attached to identity theft charges are even more serious. The sooner we can start building this defense, the better for your case, so contact us as soon as you suspect you may be under investigation or the moment you are arrested on suspicion of identity theft. Schedule your free consultation with Stechschulte Nell today by calling 813-280-1244. You can also request your free consultation with Ben Stechschulte online.