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If you or someone close to you is under investigation for a theft crime, you may be worried about the consequences. Rightly so. Penalties for theft crimes vary based on the type of crime and the value of the items involved. For a first time shoplifting offense, you may only face probation. However, when large sums of money or property are involved, jail is a real possibility. Naturally, you want the best outcome, so here are some things you should know.

Do Not Talk to Investigators Without an Attorney

Even if you feel you are innocent and the case results from a simple misunderstanding, you will need an attorney to speak on your behalf.

Did you know that while anything you say to an investigator may be used against you, that is not the case with an attorney? For that reason, you should never discuss your case unless an attorney is present.

It is a good idea to secure a competent attorney even before any charges are filed.

The Importance of Intent

There are two components to a theft crime. The first is the unauthorized taking or removal of property or money. The second is the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property.

Generally, the first component is clear and undisputed. It is possible, however, for a competent attorney to challenge the element of intent. For instance, were you allowed to write company checks for personal use as long as you paid the money back?

A Specialist in Theft Crimes

An attorney versed in theft crimes will help you raise a defense to reduce the chances of conviction or receive the lightest sentence possible. If you are accused of a federal crime, seek the counsel of an attorney with federal trial experience in your specific level of crime. Poor representation can unwittingly increase your level of exposure.

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