Protecting Your Florida Professional License After Being Charged with a Crime

Doctors, nurses, chiropractors, lawyers and other licensed professionals charged with DUI or an employment-related misdemeanor or felony could lose much more than the average defendant.

If convicted, the consequences go beyond a criminal record, fines, and possible jail time. The state regulatory agency that issued your license could suspend or revoke it and effectively prevent you from earning a living.

Reporting Your Arrest

The Tampa professional license defense attorneys at Stechschulte Nell, PL, have extensive experience helping healthcare professionals, attorneys and other types of licensees keep their occupational licenses during and after criminal prosecution. Some individuals are required to report an arrest to their particular licensing agency within a certain timeframe. Others are obligated to report only a conviction. We can help you determine whether your arrest must be disclosed and advise you of the best way to do that.

Negotiate with the State

Our main goal as Tampa criminal defense attorneys is to get your charges dropped. We have been very successful in that regard with respect to individuals who were guilty of no more than a one-time mistake in judgment. But if a complete case dismissal is not possible, we will continue to work with the prosecutor to reach a result that will satisfy the state and allow you to keep your license so you can maintain your livelihood.

Negotiate with Licensing Board

We have also been successful in negotiating settlement agreements on behalf of our clients with licensing agencies such as the Florida Department of Health and The Florida Bar. These agreements have allowed clients to practice their trade in exchange for their performance of certain actions. For example, it is possible for a nurse who was convicted of DUI to continue to practice nursing in Florida if he or she completes an alcohol and/or drug treatment program.

Hire an Experienced Defense Attorney

As experienced professional license and criminal defense attorneys, we are uniquely qualified to defend your constitutional rights as a licensed professional and obtain the best possible outcome for you. Our sole objectives are preserving your freedom and protecting your career.

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