Defend Statutory Rape Charges

Every day, teenagers and young adults are engaging in sexual activity. Although most incidents are not prosecuted, when one individual is under the age of consent, a statutory rape charge may be brought. In the state of Florida, the charge is typically “lewd and lascivious battery”. Any allegations, even when the act was clearly consensual, should be taken seriously as the sentence can be as high as 15 years in prison.

If it Happens to Your Child

When your child is accused of statutory rape, it is hard to comprehend. You know they are a good kid caught up in an unfortunate circumstance, not a criminal. In order to prevent them from being branded as a “sex offender,” you need immediate legal advice.

Halt Communications with the Other Party

It may be tempting to talk to the other party in an effort to “work things out.” Don’t.

Statements you think are helpful may end up hurting your child in court. Instead of talking, the best practice is to cease all contact and immediately find an attorney to speak on your behalf.

How Can You Defend a Consensual Act?

There are many ways an experienced attorney can mitigate or eliminate sex crime charges—even when the act was consensual. If statements were not legally obtained or the parties were not read their Miranda rights, the charges could be dropped.

A Proven Sex Crime Attorney

As a former prosecutor, Ben Stechschulte is uniquely qualified to see your case from both sides and present the best defense. He has successfully defended clients facing all types of sex crimes. As a board certified criminal trial attorney, his expertise is validated by the Florida Bar.

Your child’s future is on the line, Contact Ben at Stechschulte Nell and see how we can help.