Child Pornography Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation for child pornography, you should seek legal guidance immediately. You may think looking at child pornography on the internet is not a serious crime. However, that is not true. Federal law imposes a minimum five-year sentence. Worse yet, you may be required to register as a sex offender.

What to Expect

The prosecution of sex crimes can take place in state or Federal court. If you have never been involved in a sex crime before, your case may be prosecuted by the state. However, the Federal courts may handle cases involving repeat offenders or egregious circumstances.

Protect Your Rights

Do not volunteer any statements to law enforcement. Even if you think you are innocent, anything you say could be used against you. If presented with a search warrant, you cannot deny entry but you should ask for an attorney.

Retain Services

The sooner you have representation, the better. A savvy attorney will act as a barrier to prevent items from being taken into evidence or to question if they are truly yours. For instance, multiple people may have access to a computer. So an attorney may argue that the offending material could belong to someone else.

Defense Strategies

Under the guidance of an attorney experienced in child pornography cases and sex crime, there are a number of strategies that may eliminate charges or jail time. A psychological exam or polygraph test may demonstrate this was an isolated incident with no criminal intent and thus unlikely to happen again.

Former Prosecutor Knows How to Build a Case

A sex crime conviction will change your life forever. As a former prosecutor, attorney Ben Stechschulte understands the case against you. He is a board certified criminal trial attorney whose expertise in sex crimes has been verified and validated by the Florida bar. If you come forward soon enough, Ben’s experience can prevent charges even if the FBI is involved.

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