Paying for Your Defense Representation

The majority of our initial consultations are free of charge. The practice accepts all forms of payment including:

  • Check
  • Credit
  • Cash
  • Money Order

Payment Plans

We recognize that hiring a criminal defense attorney is an unexpected expense. Our attorneys care about getting you the defense you deserve. Our several payment plan options help make your defense more affordable. These are offered for certain types of cases. Our goal is to provide the representation you need within an installment plan that fits your budget.

After the initial down payment, there is either bi-weekly or monthly installments. The length of the payment plan is flexible to allow you to pay your representation over time without defaulting on your other financial commitments.

Flat Fees

In some instances, we charge a flat fee for our services. These are based on actual court action where we can anticipate the process and work efficiently to achieve a resolution. There is no payment plan for flat fee services.

Regardless of your legal and financial situation, we will do our best to work with you to find a payment solution for you to get the best representation available.