I am Innocent, Now What do I do?

When someone has been wrongfully charged, that person likely feels scared and confused about why this is happening to him or her.  Ben Stechschulte attorney understands that the person is in for the fight of their lives in order to show that he or she is innocent of these Tampa criminal charges.  Tampa Criminal attorney Ben Stechschulte gladly accepts the challenge of fighting for the innocent and has done so for many clients.

In the West Memphis 3 case, the individuals were wrongfully convicted of a heinous murder and sentenced to death.  Their attorneys fought for decades until finally a compromise was reached where the defendants plead guilty to the charges but were released from Death Row due to the significant problems with the case.  Although they pled guilty when they were innocent, their lawyers did a commendable job in achieving the best result possible considering the circumstances.

At the Tampa Criminal Defense firm of Ben Stechschulte, we have had similiar experiences with innocent clients and fought tooth and nail to win their case (click on the link to see Tampa Client reviews).

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