Arrested for DUI in Tampa, Smile You’re on Candid Camera

As any Tampa DUI Defense lawyer will tell you, when someone is arrested the video of his or her Tampa DUI arrest can make or break his or her case.  Most Tampa law enforcement agencies have DUIs squads that use dashboard cameras to videotape Tampa DUI investigaitons.

Tampa DUI videos will show someone performing the Field Sobriety Exercises and any statements someone made to law enforcement.  Depending on how that person peforms on the Field Sobriety Exercises and how he or she speaks on video, that person could be arrested and convicted of DUI.

If you are being investigated for a Tampa DUI, the best advice according to most Tampa Criminal DUI lawyers is to be polite and cooperative with law enforcement but respectfully refuse to submit to the Field Sobriety Exercises.  By refusing to submit to Field Sobriety Exercises, according to Tampa DUI Attorney Ben Stechschulte, someone arrested for DUI has a much better opportunity of getting their DUI reduced down to a Reckless Driving charge.

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