What Makes an Elite Criminal Defense Attorney?

Former Prosecutor

When facing criminal charges, you need the best legal representation possible and hiring a former prosecutor gives you a critical advantage. Ben Stechschulte worked as a Hillsborough County Prosecutor for 3 years. In this capacity, he prosecuted people just like you in cases that included DUIs, drug crimes, sex crimes, gun crimes and domestic violence charges. He now uses the knowledge, expertise and relationships he gained in this role to represent those charged with these same crimes to assure that they receive the best defense possible.

As a former prosecutor Ben understands both sides of the criminal legal system. From his experience he knows the weak points of the prosecutor’s case and targets them to defend his client. He forces the prosecutor to prove each and every element in the case against this client, and vigorously defends him or her to the fullest extent of the law. Ben is also a skilled negotiator who can resolve issues before and after charges are filed and during the trial to achieve the best possible outcome.

Having a former prosecutor on your side is truly your best defense.

Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

Not all criminal defense attorneys are created equal. In addition to being a former prosecutor, Ben is a board certified criminal trial attorney, a distinction held by less than 2% of all Florida lawyers. To earn this rare designation, Ben met several criteria that included:

  • Five years of full-time experience practicing law;
  • Dedication at least 30% of his practice time to practicing criminal trial law in the three years prior to certification;
  • Tried at least 25 criminal cases and at least 20 trials in front of a jury that led to a verdict. At least fifteen of the jury trials must have been felony trials and the attorney must have been lead counsel in at least five of the trials;
  • Completed at least 45 hours of relevant course credits in the three years prior to certification;
  • Passed a peer review in which the attorney is evaluated for his character, ethics and professionalism; and
  • Passed an exam testing his proficiency in the area of state and federal criminal trial law.

Ben originally received his certification as a criminal trial lawyer in 2012, and recently achieved recertification. Throughout this rigorous process Ben proved his commitment to his clients and his expertise as a criminal defense attorney.

Any lawyer can claim to be a defense attorney but Ben Stechschulte has demonstrated to the Florida Bar that he is truly skilled and experienced in this legal specialty. He has the breadth of knowledge and expertise to best represent you during this stressful time.