Arrested For a DUI During Spring Break?

Florida’s warm weather and beautiful beaches make it an ideal destination for spring breakers looking to get away from school or work. No one plans to be arrested on spring break or to put themselves in a situation where they went too far partying and drinking, but it can happen.  


Whether you are a Florida resident or visiting from out-of-state, it is important to know your rights and to be prepared. If you are arrested and facing a DUI charge while on spring break in Florida, our DUI experts at Stechschulte Nell Law have three steps for you to take to help make the situation calmer and hopefully contribute to a better legal outcome. 



Step 1: Stay Calm 


If you make the choice to drink and drive and are pulled over by the police, make sure to remain calm. The more you panic, the more likely you may say something that can be used against you later or may incriminate you. 


You always want to remain respectful to the police officers, but also do not share more information than is needed. This may also lead to incrimination that can be used against you later. Do not offer any details or statements about how much you have had to drink. The only information that is required by Florida law is your identification information.  


Step 2: Call Stechschulte Nell Law, DUI Defense Attorney 


Your first call should be to Stechschulte Nell Law. Our DUI attorneys are your best advocates. They will assess your legal case and implement a strategy to address and mitigate the situation.  Your DUI criminal defense attorney knows the laws and your rights and is prepared to work for you. You should never show up to court with a DUI criminal defense attorney by your side. 


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Step 3: Follow Your Attorney’s Legal Advice 


The worst mistake you can make after being arrested and charged with a DUI is to not follow your attorney’s legal advice. This is especially important if you live out of state—your charges will follow you to your home state. Do not think just because you are not a resident of Florida, you are off the hook for legal appointments and court dates. 


When you secure your DUI criminal defense attorney, make sure to implement all steps and recommendations. This is the best way to resolve your case more efficiently and reduce any long-term implications. 


Looking to make the best of your spring break? Remember DUIS are preventable. Make sure to take advantage of rideshare services, public transportation, or use a designated driver if walking is not an option.  


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Underage Drinking During Spring Break  


If you are underage, it is important to know that you can be charged with an underage DUI if you are caught with any alcohol in your system and are under 21. You will face an arrest and subsequent charges. If you don’t have an experienced DUI attorney to defend you, the likelihood of getting convicted is high.  


Being declared a DUI offender can come with both short-term and lifelong consequences, including jail time, hefty fines, ignition interlock device installation, and expulsion from school, among others.  


Arrested for DUI on Spring Break? 


If your spring break fun ended abruptly with a DUI, you need an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney by your side immediately. No matter what state you reside in or where you are, our attorneys are on your side, fighting your case, and will help to explain the legal and court process. 


Call (813) 280-1244 today for a consultation and learn how Stechschulte Nell Law can legally help mitigate your DUI. 


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