Ben Stechschulte Announces Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law

Stechschulte Nell is pleased to announce that Ben has recently become Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law in both state and federal court.

Stechschulte Nell is pleased to announce that Ben has recently become Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law in both state and federal court. Fewer than two percent of attorneys throughout the state of Florida hold this distinction, and of the 4,559 board certified legal professionals throughout the state, only 372 are certified in criminal trials. This distinction sets Ben apart from the majority of other Florida criminal defense lawyers and is a testament to his experience and knowledge within the field of criminal law.

Board Certification: What it Means For You

When a client needs a criminal defense attorney, a great deal is at stake and it is important to have a strong advocate who is an expert in the field. Florida rules regulating attorneys limit who can refer to themselves as “experts” or “specialists,” in order to ensure that only those who are truly the most qualified use these titles. Because Ben is a board certified criminal trial attorney, he has proven that he has the unique qualifications and skills to earn the title of specialist and to provide top-notch legal representation in the area of criminal defense.

The Certification Process

The process of becoming board certified in criminal trial law has many steps and attorneys must fulfill numerous requirements in order to earn the designation. In order to become a board certified specialist in criminal trial law, an attorney must:

  • Have five years of full-time experience practicing law.
  • Have dedicated at least 30 percent of his/her practice time to practicing criminal trial law in the three years prior to certification.
  • Have tried at least 25 criminal cases and at least 20 trials in front of a jury that led to a verdict. At least fifteen of the jury trials must have been felony trials and the attorney must have been lead counsel in at least five of the trials.
  • Have completed at least 45 hours of relevant course credits in the three years prior to certification.
  • Successfully pass a peer review in which the attorney is evaluated for his character, ethics and professionalism.
  • Successfully pass an exam testing his proficiency in the area of criminal trial law.

The requirements of the certification process ensure that those earning certification are truly “expert” in their practice area.  It also narrows board certification to a limited number of attorneys who have the dedication and knowledge it takes to provide the most vigorous representation for clients.

Ben Stechschulte, Tampa Criminal Lawyer

Ben Stechschulte is proud to earn board certification and to call himself an expert in criminal trial law. Contact Stechschulte Nell today to let us put our expertise to work in your criminal case.

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