Attorney Ben Stechschulte Earns Criminal Trial Law Recertification

Stechschulte Nell is pleased to announce that Attorney Ben Stechschulte has recently received his recertification in Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law in both state and federal court. Of the over 88,000 attorneys eligible to practice in Florida, only 433 are certified criminal trial lawyer. For those seeking criminal defense representation, less than 1% of the attorneys in the state have successfully completed the rigorous certification process which demonstrates true expertise in this field.

Providing the Best Defense

Anyone who meets therequirements to practice law in Florida can declare themselves experts in criminal law. However, only board certified criminal trial lawyers have documented their experience and tested their expertise in this field. The additional peer review requirement evidences that judges and attorneys who worked with these lawyers have found them to be ethical, professional and skilled.

If you hire a criminal defense attorney who is not board certified, you are placing your freedom, finances and even your future in the hands of someone who may or may not have the necessary skills to provide competent criminal defense representation. Selecting a board certified criminal trial lawyer assures that your case is in the hands of a proven expert with the knowledge and skill to provide the best outcome possible for your circumstances.

Certification and Recertification

Florida Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Ben Stechschulte

         Criminal Trial

When achieving his original certification in 2012, Ben had to document his commitment to criminal trial law and fulfill numerous requirements. The Florida process to become a state and federal board certified criminal trial lawyer requires that an attorney must

  • Have five years of full-time experience practicing law.
  • Have dedicated at least 30% of his/her practice time to practicing criminal trial law in the three
    years prior to certification.
  • Have tried at least 25 criminal cases and at least 20 trials in front of a jury that led to a verdict. At least fifteen of the jury trials must have been felony trials and the attorney must have been lead counsel in at least five of the trials.
  • Have completed at least 45 hours of relevant course credits in the three years prior to certification.
  • Successfully pass a peer review in which the attorney is evaluated for his character, ethics and professionalism.
  • Successfully pass an exam testing his proficiency in the area of state and federal criminal trial law.

These requirements assure that an attorney achieving certification in this practice area are true experts in this field.

To assure that those who achieved this certification retain their expertise over time, recertification is required every 5 years. It includes:

  • The successful completion of a minimum of 5 criminal case Trials
  • Judicial Reviews from Federal and State Court Judges
  • Peer Reviews from Attorneys specializing in Criminal Trial Law
  • Proof that at least 30% of the attorney’s practice is still dedicated to practicing criminal trial law; and
  • Completion of at least 50 hours of approved continuing legal education (CLE) credits in criminal trial law during the 5-year period since the last date of (re)certification

Ben is one of the few attorneys to obtain and retain these state and federal certifications. His commitment to providing the best representation possible to his clients is reflected in the dedication to the time and effort required to achieve this uncompromising goal.

Ben Stechschulte, Tampa Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Ben Stechschulte is proud to have proven his continued expertise as a state and federally criminal trial lawyer by achieving this recertification. Contact Stechschulte Nell Law in Tampa, Florida today to let us put our expertise to work in for you.

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