Signs of Impairment: Tampa Bay man blew red lights at 100 MPH. It was his third DUI arrest.

Police say he ran red lights in St. Pete at 100 mph.

Recently a Pinellas sheriff’s deputy attempted to keep up with a driver at 100 mph. Eventually, the man was arrested for his third DUI arrest after he pulled into an apartment complex. To officers, in addition to reckless driving, he showed other signs of impairment. 

Law enforcement said he ran at least four red lights before stopping. The man behind the wheel allegedly showed signs of alcohol impairment. He was arrested on a DUI charge for refusing to submit for DUI testing.  Previously, he had been arrested for drunk driving charges in 2012 and 2017. 

Per the arrest report, the driver was confused when approached by officers. They also alleged that he had watery and glassy eyes, moved slowly, and “reeked of an odor of an alcoholic beverage”. 


Defending Multiple DUI Arrests

The incident occurred around 3 in the morning when the deputy saw a driver going more than 100 mph on a stretch of road that is 35 mph. Once the car pulled into a St. Pete apartment complex, the deputy took the driver into custody for DUI. 

Like many people, this wasn’t his first DUI.  Public court records show arrests on a DUI charge in 2012 and 2017. At the second stop, he refused to take any field sobriety tests. When defending multiple driving under the influence, this is helpful and your attorney may be able to use this lack of evidence to help with getting DUI charges reduced to reckless driving and possibly probation. 


Arrested for DUI – Again 

It happens more than you think. You need a veteran defense DUI defense lawyer to help defend against multiple drunk driving charges. Don’t let another lapse in judgment derail your future. Attorney Ben Stechschulte is a former prosecutor and Florida Board certified in trial law. Contact our South Tampa law office for a free DUI case review today.

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