Florida Woman Arrested for Allegedly Financially Exploiting 77-yo husband of $1M

A recently married 26-year-old Florida woman was arrested after allegedly trying to take $1 million from her 77-year-old husband. Lin Helena Halfon attempted to cash a substantial cashier’s check at a Tampa bank last month. According to authorities, Halfon claimed she was going to use the money to purchase a yacht in Miami with her husband, Richard Rappaport. However, When Tampa Amscot branch employees refused, she allegedly left, but returned with three checks, each for $333,333. Again, the bank didn’t cash the checks and called the police. 

When law enforcement notified Mr. Rappaport about what his new wife was doing, and he said he wanted to “give her the benefit of the doubt and didn’t want her to be deported to her native Israel”, per the Tampa Bay Times. The couple was married in August 2019 with Rappaport’s family left in the dark about the marriage. When police asked later if he felt he was the victim of fraud, Rappaport told investigators, “yes,” according to the arrest warrant affidavit. 

Investigators got a warrant to freeze the third check so Halfon is accused of cashing two checks worth about $666,000 at an Orlando business. 

Believed to be ‘conning’ Rappaport due to his age, Halfon was arrested in December at Tampa International Airport. She is facing charges of money laundering, organized fraud, and exploitation of an elderly person. She was released on $1 million bail. 

Defense’s Argument 

In her defense, Halfon’s attorney, Todd Foster, said, “There’s a valid marriage between this couple and we look forward to bringing forward additional facts to bring clarity to this situation.”

Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Times

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