Nationwide Criminal Defense Practice

You live in the Tampa Bay area, but you are under federal investigation or facing federal criminal charges in another state. You need a federal criminal defense attorney to represent you.

You could hire a lawyer who’s local to where the investigation or case is pending, but your communications with that lawyer will most likely be limited to telephone calls and email. Chances are you won’t even meet him or her until you have to appear in court. Do you really want a long-distance relationship with your lawyer when your freedom is at stake?

Hire an Attorney Who Lives Where You Live

Consider hiring a Tampa Bay federal criminal defense attorney. In any criminal matter, you need to work closely with your lawyer. You should meet with your lawyer before your case starts and before court dates. Face-to-face meetings lead to familiarity, trust and comfort knowing that you are not facing the federal criminal justice system alone.

Ben Stechschulte is Tampa Bay criminal defense attorney who has practiced in the Middle District of Florida and Florida state court for more than ten years. As a member of the federal bar, Mr. Stechschulte can represent you in any federal district court in the United States and its territories. You can meet with him in person, ask questions and get real answers. He will personally guide you through this frightening and stressful time in your life.

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