The Impact of a DUI on Insurance

Thousands of individuals find themselves facing a DUI every year and one of the most pressing concerns is often the potential impact on their insurance rates. From steep premium hikes to potential policy cancellations, the fallout from a DUI conviction can be financially crippling. 


This guide aims to provide clarity and actionable guidance on how to approach this situation strategically. With our proven experience in handling drunk driving cases and extensive knowledge of Florida’s legal system, our attorneys at Stechschulte Nell Law are dedicated to helping you minimize the consequences of driving under the influence.  



The Effects of DUI on Insurance Rates  


When it comes to the aftermath of a DUI in Florida, many drivers underestimate the long-term impact on their insurance rates. While most people are aware of the immediate consequences such as fines and license suspension, it’s crucial to understand that drunk driving can lead to increased insurance premiums for 3-10 years.  


Insurance companies view individuals with DUIs as high-risk clients, which leads to higher premiums and the potential for policy cancellations. 


Drivers may face an exorbitant hike of up to 61% in their rates, following a DUI depending on different aspects including: 


  • The severity of your offense: DUIs aren’t all the same. A first-time offense may reflect differently than a repeat offense or a case that resulted in injuries or property damage. 


  • Your insurance company’s policies: Different insurance providers have different policies when it comes to driving under the influence. While some may drastically increase your rates, others could choose to cancel your coverage. 


  • Your driving history: If you have a generally clean driving record, there is a possibility that your insurance company may show some leniency. However, don’t count on this as a guarantee. 


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The Impact of an FR-44 


Further, a drunk driving conviction in Florida can also lead to the requirement of FR-44 insurance. This specific type of insurance is mandated for drivers with DUI convictions and typically results in even higher premium costs compared to standard auto insurance policies.  


In the state of Florida, you are required to carry an FR-44 if you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  


You must have an FR-44 for driver’s license reinstatement and it must be on file with the DMV for three years. Not only does an FR-44 mandate increased liability coverage, but it also carries the weight of significant financial repercussions.  


For many, the higher premiums associated with an FR-44 can create a formidable barrier to getting back on track after a DUI conviction. This means that individuals already facing the challenges of re-establishing their lives after a mistake are further burdened by the financial strain of this mandatory insurance requirement. 


What About an SR-22? 


In Florida, SR22 filings are required for violations such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, or driving without insurance. 


Depending on the circumstances of your DUI arrest, you may be required to maintain both an SR-22 and an FR-44 for three years post-conviction.  


How Long Does a DUI Stay on Driving Records? 


While many people are aware that a drunk driving conviction can result in increased insurance premiums, what often goes overlooked is the long-term impact on your driving record.  


In Florida, a drunk driving charge will remain on your driving record for 75 years, far exceeding its effect on insurance rates.  


This means that even after your insurance rates eventually decrease, potential employers, rental car companies, and other entities with access to your driving record can still view this blemish from decades ago. 


A DUI conviction may also affect various aspects of your personal and professional life beyond just insurance and job opportunities. It can limit travel options if you need to rent a car or travel for work purposes. Additionally, it can be used against you in custody battles or legal disputes regarding parental rights.  


Defending Against DUI Charges


The first encounter with the legal system following a DUI can be incredibly stressful. That’s what our lawyers are here for. 


A key part of our approach involves scrutinizing the circumstances of your arrest meticulously.  


  • Did the arresting officer follow the correct arrest procedure?  
  • Was the alcohol blood test administered correctly?  
  • Did the officer recite your Miranda Rights? 


Our eagle-eyed team will uncover any potential errors or misconduct concerning your case. These findings could lead to a reduction in your charges or even dismissal.  


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Skilled DUI Defense  


The ramifications of a DUI on insurance rates can be significant and long-lasting. At our firm, we understand the gravity of these consequences and are committed to helping you navigate through this challenging situation. We are dedicated to mitigating the impact of the charges you face and providing you with skilled legal representation.  


Don’t let a driving under the influence conviction dictate your future insurance premiums. Contact us today at 813-280-1244 for a comprehensive DUI case review in Tampa or Orlando and take the first step toward safeguarding your financial well-being. 

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