We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes just a single lapse in judgment results in a criminal charge. When that happens, it can feel like your whole life has been turned upside down. You may have questions about what happens next. Does the charge mean jail time? Will your mug shot be all over the internet for friends and family to see? Will your job be affected?

Time for a Defense Attorney

You know you need an attorney, but how do you find one that is right for you? Although every case is different, you should select an attorney that has handled your type of criminal case before. High-priced attorneys are not necessarily the best.

In fact, some very good lawyers have relatively low fees. What is more important is to understand exactly what you get for the fee. For instance, will the attorney take the time to give you a thorough briefing on the process and what to expect? Will they try to learn detailed facts about you that may be useful in fighting the charge?

Criminal Defense Strategies

Look for Board Certification

Board Certification is the highest recognition earned by attorneys who have demonstrated knowledge and skills in a particular area of law. Attorneys designated as “Board Certified” have been evaluated for their professionalism and tested for their expertise. In addition to taking an exam, attorneys must have practiced law for at least five years and pass a peer review in order to become certified.

In the state of Florida, less than two percent of trial attorneys earn this distinction. Attorney Ben Stechschulte has this distinction; contact our Tampa, FL criminal and DUI defense law firm for a free case review.

Why Stechschulte Nell?

Stechschulte Nell is a full service Tampa criminal defense law firm. Attorney Ben Stechschulte is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer with over 10 years of experience in:

As a former prosecutor, top-rated defense attorney Ben Stechschulte has a unique understanding of the other side and can use that to our client’s advantage.

Free Consultation

When you call Stechschulte Nell Law in Tampa, Florida, you get an immediate legal opinion about your case.

We will explain the criminal charges, the procedure and your best defense based upon the facts known at the time. Using our experience, Attorney Ben Stechschulte can prepare you for the best and worst case scenarios for your situation.

Your Best Criminal Defense Strategy

Your case is unique, so your defense strategy should be too. Attorney Ben Stechschulte uses a Personal Intake Form to gather information about your background and history as well as the facts of your case.

By understanding you as a whole person, we can take immediate action with the courts to set the stage for a more favorable outcome. Our defense lawyer may also suggest you perform community service or attend counseling sessions to make the best impression in court.

Defend Yourself

Criminal charges are serious. If convicted, you could lose your right to vote, be unable to own a gun, and even have trouble finding employment. Start your defense now with a call to Stechschulte Nell Law at 813-280-1244.