Ben Stechschulte has Been Recertified by the Florida Bar

Stechschulte Nell Law is proud to announce that Ben has been recertified by the Florida Bar Association as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, assuring clients the highest level of competence and experience in criminal defense. 


Less than 2% of attorneys throughout the state of Florida hold this distinction, and of the 5,000+ board-certified legal professionals throughout the state, only 410 are certified in criminal trials


This distinction sets Ben apart from the majority of other Florida criminal defense attorneys and is a testament to his extensive experience and knowledge within the field of criminal law.



Board Certification: What it Means For You


When a client needs a criminal defense, a great deal is at stake and it is important to have a strong advocate who is considered an expert in the field. Florida rules regulate who can refer to themselves as “experts” or “specialists,” to ensure that only those who are truly the most qualified use these titles.


For criminal trial lawyers, the board-certified distinction is especially important since it indicates that they possess a high level of knowledge about courtroom rules and procedures, evidence-gathering techniques, current sentencing guidelines, and more.


As a board-certified criminal trial attorney, Ben has proven that he has the unique qualifications and skills to earn the title of “specialist” and to provide top-notch legal representation in the area of criminal defense.



The Certification & Recertification Process


Becoming a board-certified criminal defense lawyer is a rigorous process. It requires dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence.


The steps to becoming board certified in criminal trial law are as follows:


  • Have five years of full-time experience practicing law.
  • Have dedicated at least 30% of his/her practice time to practicing criminal trial law in the three years before certification.
  • The attorney has tried at least 25 criminal cases and at least 20 trials in front of a jury that led to a verdict. At least 15 of these jury trials must have been felony trials and the attorney must have been lead counsel in at least five of the trials.
  • Completed at least 45 hours of relevant course credits in the three years before certification.
  • Successfully pass a peer review in which the attorney is evaluated for his character, ethics, and professionalism.
  • Successfully pass a written exam testing his proficiency in the area of criminal trial law.


These certification requirements aim to ensure that those earning certifications are true “experts” in their practice area. and display maximum competence. It also limits board certification to a small number of qualified attorneys who have the skills and commitment in providing the very best representation for their clients.


Recertification Process


To ensure that those who achieved this certification retain their expertise over time, recertification is required every 5 years. It includes:


  • Completion of a minimum of 5 criminal case trials
  • Judicial Reviews from Federal and State Court Judges
  • Completion of Peer Reviews from Attorneys specializing in Criminal Trial Law
  • Proof that at least 30% of the attorney’s practice is still dedicated to practicing criminal trial law; and
  • Completion of at least 50 hours of approved continuing legal education (CLE) credits in criminal trial law during the 5-years since the last date of (re)certification


Ben is one of the few lawyers to retain this certification. His commitment to providing the best possible service to the clients is reflected in the time and effort required to achieve this goal.


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Ben Stechschulte, Tampa Criminal Lawyer


Ben Stechschulte is proud to have been recertified by the Florida Bar as a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer. Contact Stechschulte Nell today at 813-280-1244 to let us put our expertise to work in your criminal case.

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