Toddler Kills Woman on Zoom Call, Local Man Charged

A toddler fatally shot 21-year-old Shamaya Lynn during a Zoom call in August. Witnesses reported seeing a toddler in the background of the Zoom call, hearing a noise, seeing Lynn fall backward, and never returning to the call. 

About the Incident 

The late Shamaya Lynn was on a Zoom video conference call with her coworkers when she was fatally shot in the head by a toddler. Altamonte Springs Police report that forensic evidence has “clearly established” that the toddler held and independently fired the gun.  

A coworker called 911 after seeing the toddler in the background, hearing a gunshot, and Lynn falling backward and not returning to the video call. 

Manslaughter Charges Sought 

Lynn’s partner, Veondre Avery, is now being charged with manslaughter and failure to securely store a firearm although he was not present at the time of the shooting.  

The Florida State Attorney’s Office contends that the gun was left loaded in the toddler’s “Paw Patrol” backpack. This was easily accessible on the floor of the couple’s bedroom. Investigators said there were no other firearms found in the home. As the alleged owner of the gun, law enforcement believes that the charges against Mr. Avery hold merit.  

Avery had his initial court appearance on October 13 and is currently being held without bond. At this time, public records show he has not obtained an attorney. 

“Your decisions have consequences and this was just a decision that was a very poor one. You have a responsibility as a gun owner to take care of those firearms.”

– Officer Roberto Ruiz 

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