Even cops can be arrested for DUI

St Petersburg police officer was found passed out at the wheel of her car while a stoplight cycled several times from green to red. While refusing to do field sobriety tests, which Tampa DUI attorney Ben Stechschulte suggests you should do as well, the officer submitted to a breath test which showed her breath alcohol level was as high as a 0.185. The officer was arrested and placed on administrative leave for DUI.

As an experienced Tampa DUI lawyer, Mr. Stechschulte has represented many clients from all walks of life.  Anyone, including a police officer, can be arrested for Tampa DWI.

There are many legal questions surrounding DUIs that Tampa DUI attorney Ben Stechschulte can answer. If you would like to discuss your most recent DUI arrest 2012 with Tampa DUI lawyer Ben Stechschulte, he can be reached at 813 280 1244 or ben@tpatrialattorneys.com.

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