Embezzlement isn’t just for Fortune 500 Companies

A Hudson, FL air conditioning company found out the hard way that their accountant was misusing funds for his own use. A week after sitting down with his accountant to discuss an irregular bank statement, the owner of the air conditioning company found his accountant had skipped town. Further digging resulted in the discovery that over $500,000 had been stolen for things like secret cruises and expensive hotels.

Embezzlement is a theft crime in Florida when money is taken by someone in a position of trust. Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Ben Stechschulte has defended embezzlement cases and will help you defense in any way he can. If you feel you could use Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Ben Stechschulte’s services give him a call at 813 280 1244 or email him at ben@tpatrialattorneys.com.

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