The Top 3 Criminal Charges that an Experienced Defense Attorney Can Help Fight


When it comes to an attorney fighting on your behalf, you want to ensure you have the most experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified criminal defense attorney. An attorney that possesses these qualifications will mean the best possible outcome for your case. 


A Florida Board-Certified attorney will focus entirely on your case versus a public defender or less qualified attorney who is too overwhelmed with other cases or does not have the knowledge and/or time to focus on the important details that can help you get your case dismissed, charges reduced, or sentence downward departed 


At Stechschulte Nell Law, our criminal defense attorneys are experienced and ready to fight the top three most common criminal charges in Florida for you. These charges include:  



We see you or your loved one as a person, not a criminal. Contact us for a case review if in need of a legal opinion about your circumstances. 


Driving Under the Influence 


No one ever intends to drink and then drive and then get pulled over and arrested. The whole process can be emotional, and you may not know what to do or how to act. You may try to defend yourself or you may do everything they ask and accidentally incriminate yourself. 


Law enforcement has a strict code to follow when they arrest someone for driving under the influence, but sometimes they forget to follow their protocols. If you have been pulled over for a DUI, it is important to exercise your Fifth Amendment Right under the United States Constitution. This right allows you to remain silent when asked questions, which is very important. When emotions are high, it is important to not self-incriminate yourself, and wait until you have an attorney by your side who can speak on your behalf. 


Additionally, an experienced criminal defense attorney at Stechschulte Nell Law will look at all credible DUI defenses and examine every detail of your case. We offer a free case review; contact us if you have been charged with drunk driving.  



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Assault and Battery  


Assault and battery convictions carry harsh penalties such as extensive jail time and large fines, therefore it is extremely important to hire an experienced private criminal defense attorney. Our attorneys know that the state must meet certain requirements to prove assault and battery.  


To have a solid case, our trial attorneys take the time to make sure every detail of the case is examined, there is solid support for the defense, every piece of evidence or eye-witness reporting is valid, and there are no inconsistencies. Taking the time to comb through all the facts and details is something that an inexperienced lawyer or a state-provided attorney cannot do or does not have time to do.  



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Robbery and Theft  


The penalties for robbery and theft are much greater than assault and battery; jail time and fines are likely. Robbery and theft cases are complex and if proven guilty by the state, have impacting and detrimental consequences to your life, your family and friends’ lives, your future employment, and your community.  


As with assault and battery, robbery and theft charges can vary drastically from one case to another due to the value of the theft and amount of the theft. This range can make a big difference in your case and the possible penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney will look at every aspect of your case and present a powerful defense to help lessen the charges and penalties.  



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Never Fight a Criminal Charge Without an Experienced Attorney  


Finding the right legal representation for your criminal charge can seem daunting and overwhelming when time is of the essence. But knowing that an experienced criminal defense attorney, especially one at Stechschulte Nell Law, handles these top three criminal charges daily can help put your mind at ease. 


Here, we are experienced in DUI charges, assault and battery charges, and robbery and theft, amongst many other specialty criminal charges. We understand how being charged and convicted can negatively impact your life and that is why we want to make sure you have someone on your side fighting for you.  



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