What is Included in a DUI Police Report?

Obtaining a copy of the police record is one of the most important actions you should take first if you have been detained for DUI in Tampa Bay. Your criminal defense attorney will use the police report as a key tool to help you get the best possible result in your case.

Our DUI attorneys discuss what is included in a DUI police report and defense strategies using it to defend your case… 



 Most DUI Police Reports Include: 

  • A checklist for the field sobriety test 
  • A printout of the Preliminary Alcohol Screen ( PAS) test 
  • A printout of the breathalyzer test if you took one 
  • A lab report showing the blood or urine test that you may have submitted 
  • A narrative of the events from the arresting officer’s perspective (If there were two officers present, they may both write a narrative of events.) 

Field sobriety tests are notoriously unreliable and subjectiveFactors That Can Influence DUI Breathalyzer Test Results  

Police Narrative  

In the narrative written by the arresting officer, they will describe in detail why they pulled you over. 

Were you speeding or driving erratically?  

Did you run a red light?  

Driving the wrong way down the street? 

They will then go into great detail about how they requested your license, making note of any signs of intoxication such as odors of alcohol, glassy eyes, or slurred speech. They will also contain any additional relevant information, such as your looks, any mannerisms you showed, and if you failed the heel-to-toe walking test or the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.

A DUI conviction will stay on your record for 75 years in Florida. If you have been charged with a DUI, act NOW. Schedule a free consultation with Stechschulte Nell in Tampa, FL immediately. 

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How the Police Report Can Help Your Defense 

Depending on how you remember the arrest, you might be surprised by the officer’s account of events. You might even disagree with a number of the statements that the officer made. This is why it’s crucial to your DUI defense that you have a copy of the police report.

It will demonstrate to your DUI defense lawyer precisely what the police will testify about in court. After all, the cops won’t deviate from the sequence of incidents described in their report, providing your defense attorney with a foundation from which to construct your case.

As part of your defense, one strategy may be to attempt to discredit the officer’s statements found in the police report by: 

  • Calling into question the reliability of field sobriety testing
  • Creating uncertainty regarding the reliability of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) tests
    providing witnesses who can help refute the officer’s claims
  • Providing YOUR testimony that might contradict the police report  

Even while it may seem hopeless and you might think the police have a solid case against you, this may not be the case. Legally sober people can fail sobriety or blood alcohol content tests for a variety of reasons.


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Charged With a DUI in Tampa Bay 

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