Florida Doctor Accused of Taking $26 Million In Health Care Fraud

Federal prosecutors have charged Florida doctor, Moses D. Degraft-Johnson, with health care fraud. He is alleged to have taken $26 million from Medicaid, Medicare, and other health insurance agencies for fraudulently billed surgeries and procedures spanning over 4 years.

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About the Case 

Dr. Degraft-Johnson owned and operated the Heart and Vascular Institute of Northern Florida in Tallahassee. Between September of 2015 and February 2020, he is accused of having billed health care benefit programs for work and procedures that were not performed. 

Court documents show that he has been indicted on 58 counts of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud. Over the4 years in question, Dr. Degraft-Johnson claimed to have performed over 36,000 surgeries, but court documents show he may have been traveling out of the country at the time of the procedures or did not perform them at all. 

The doctor regularly traveled to Ghana and prosecutors claim he has an “ultimate long-term professional goal” to be president of Ghana and that he used the proceeds of the fraudulently billed surgeries and procedures to establish an “empire” in Ghana.  

In addition to Dr. Degraft-Johnson, his business manager for the Heart and Vascular Institute of North Florida, Kimberly Austin, has been indicted as well. The trial is set for March 23. 

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Accused of Health Care Fraud

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