Police Officers are Human Too

A late night car accident has caused a Pinellas Park officer to resign after it was found he had a blood alcohol content around 0.19. There was roughly $1,500 in damage from the accident. He was charged with misdemeanor DUI. This is the second Pinellas County police officer to be charged with DUI in the past week.

In the State of Florida, if you register a .15 or higher on the breath machine, like the Pinellas Park police officer did, you are subject to a DUI conviction with increased fines and a mandatory interlock device will be placed in your vehcle.  An interlock device is a machine where you would be required to blow into it to determine if you had been drinking in order to start your car.  Interlock devices are very expensive and obviously embarrasing.

Tampa DUI attorney Ben Stechschulte has handled many .15 and higher DUI cases and has been successful in getting those charges reduced to below .15.  By getting your charges reduced to a below .15 DUI, your fines will be decreased and  you won’t be required to have an interlock device placed in your car.

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