Lifting No Contact Orders

A No Contact Order is an order from a judge that prohibits a person from having contact with another person. This means no visits, phone calls, texts, social media messages, or any other form of contact.  In worst-case scenarios, even third parties such as family members and attorneys can be prohibited from contacting the alleged victim on your behalf.  

Frequently, Florida courts issue no contact orders in criminal cases. This is especially true in cases involving assault, battery, domestic violence or other violent crimes. In general, there are two main reasons why you received a No Contact Order:  

1) because the alleged victim stated that he or she is afraid of you. 

2) based on perceived facts of the case even if the alleged victim requested to not have a No Contact Order issued against you.  

Whatever the reason, we understand it is imperative to have this order lifted as soon as possible.  Our Tampa criminal defense team explains why…   

The Importance of Having a No-Contact Order Lifted 

As a defendant, you may already face substantial penalties should the case result in a guilty verdict at trial. By lifting this type of injunction, or restraining order, imposed by the court as a condition the defendant’s pretrial release, you can significantly reduce potential complications in your criminal proceedings.  

Here’s why you want to have a No Contact Order lifted immediately: 

  • Removing a No Contact Order from your record will be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your case, i.e. divorce or child custody battle.  
  • The risk of violating a No Contact Order is removed from the picture entirely. More on that below.  
  • By having a No Contact Order lifted, you are making an important first step of reconciliation with the other party.  

Having a No Contact Order lifted needs to happen sooner than later. Stechschulte Nell Law has a proven track record of success in having these orders lifted after they’ve been issued. For more information on how we can help your unique case, please contact our Tampa based criminal defense law firm at 813-280-1244.  

Violating a No Contact Order 

Unless otherwise specified by the court, a no contact order in the state of Florida means that a defendant is to have no interaction- either direct or indirect- with the alleged victim. Violating a No Contact Order may lead to extremely serious charges. Even if the contact was unintentional or it was at the alleged victim’s request, it could lead to a second arrest with a misdemeanor or felony charge, revoking of your bond, or a separate “Violation of Pre-Trial Release Conditions” charge.  

If you’ve been issued a No Contact Order, our Tampa criminal defense lawyer will explain what you could be facing and how to handle the situation until the order is lifted.   

Steps Involved in Lifting a No Contact Order 

When you work with the lawyers at Stechschulte Nell, we work tirelessly on your behalf to have a No Contact Order lifted. Fortunately, we have the experience and know-how to get it done. Here’s how we can help you:  

  • Schedule a court hearing to request relief from a judge. You will need to be present at the hearing.  
  • Draft and file pertinent documents such as a “Motion to Modify Conditions of Release” to the court. This will give the judge a more complete picture of your case.   
  • Attend the hearing with you and request that the judge modify the conditions of your No Contact Order, thus allowing for regular contact.  

Get Legal Help Lifting Your No Contact Order 

If you’ve recently been accused of a criminal offense and received a No Contact Order, the defense legal team of Stechschulte Nell can help. To speak with a Florida board-certified attorney, please call Stechschulte Nell at 813-280-1244, or schedule a FREE case review online. We’re available 24/7 to help with your defense.  

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