Former Mrs. Florida Awarded Prison Time for Social Security Fraud

Choices in life have consequences.” 

A Florida judge sent a clear message when sentencing a former Mrs. Florida beauty queen. She was sentenced to a month in federal prison plus five months of house arrest for social security fraud. The state of Florida takes these types of crimes seriously and will look to make an example of caretakers, family members, and friends who they allege have taken financial advantage over the elderly.  

At sentencing, the judge stated that “choices in life have consequences” and by abusing a position of trust, using the elder’s money for their own gain, and then lying about it is a crime and there would be justice. 

We see you as a person, not a criminal, and we strive to mitigate the consequences of an all-too-human lapse in judgment.  If you’ve been accused of social security fraud you need to speak with a defense attorney immediately. Our Tampa law office is open 24/7. Call us now or email former Prosecutor, Ben Stechschulte, for a free case review.  

A Caretaker Abuses Her Position

Former beauty queen, Karyn Turk, plead guilty to social security fraud after being convicted of stealing her elderly mother’s social security checks, VA checks, and pension benefits. Her mother, now deceased at 83 years of age, was in a nursing home and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.   

Karyn Turk, 47 years old, was crowned Mrs. Florida in 2016. She claims she “struggled to be a caregiver” and made some good decisions and some bad. She allegedly used her elderly mother’s checks to keep up her “lavish” lifestyle by shopping, dining, and paying for childcare.  

Turk is now sentenced to 1 month in prison and must complete 100 hours of community service. The nursing home is also taking her to civil court for more than $240,000—the amount Turk owes the facility. Turk plans to appeal the case. 

Financial Fraud Defense

Financial elder abuse charges are more prevalent than you think. If you’ve been accused of social security fraud, or any financial crime, you need a seasoned defense attorney on your side. Let us help you stop a bad situation from derailing your future.  

Call our legal team led by former Prosecutor, Ben Stechschulte, today to discuss potential defense strategies. Tampa criminal defense lawyer Ben Stechschulte is also a board-certified criminal defense attorney, a distinction only 2% of all Florida attorneys have achieved. 

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