Maintaining Employment After an Arrest


An arrest can be both emotionally and economically devastating. If you’ve been arrested, chances are one of your primary concerns will be maintaining your current employment and/or having the ability to secure a new job in the future.

In the Internet age, mug shots and arrest records are often posted online by the arresting agency, and in many cases, by public websites where the information is made freely available to anyone. Guaranteeing the confidentiality of your case and preserving your current and future earnings should be a primary facet of your defense.

Many clients are understandably nervous after an arrest and make the mistake of disclosing the details of their situation to an employer before discussing the matter with qualified counsel. If you have been arrested or are under criminal investigation, it is essential to consult a Tampa criminal defense attorney before notifying your employer.


Benefits of a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

Your criminal defense attorney’s primary job is to aggressively defend you and secure the best possible outcome in your case.   A private attorney will often work with you and your employer to allow you to retain your current career and lifestyle while your case moves through the courts.

A qualified private criminal defense attorney can draft documents and letters to provide your employer with the facts of the arrest or investigation while putting the matter in the best light possible and maintaining the confidentiality of your case.  If you are a member of the military, your attorney can work with your superior officer and your JAG attorney to preserve your current rank and prevent discharge. If you are discharged as a result of your arrest, your attorney may be able to help you maintain your current rank for purposes of retirement.

A criminal case can involve numerous court appearances during normal working hours, leading to absences that put your employment in further jeopardy. A private criminal defense attorney can handle many of these matters for you, allowing you to continue fulfilling your duties in your current position and preserving the security of your job.

If you have been arrested or are currently under criminal investigation, contact a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right representation may be the deciding factor in your future economic success.

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