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Sex Crimes

Jared Fogel’s Smart Defense

Recently the Federal Court of Indiana charged Jared Fogel, Subway spokesperson, with distribution of child pornography and having sex with a minor. Mr. Fogel hired a defense team as soon as he realized he was under investigation. By hiring a defense team before charges were brought against him, Mr. Fogel and his attorneys were able to develop several smart defense strategies to reduce his exposure and potential jail time.

Social Media & Statutory Rape

Today's world of easy communication through social media can create a dangerous scenario for men who meet and engage with younger women.  If you have had sexual acts with a woman who may have misrepresented her age and face the possibility of statutory rape investigations or charges, read this article to get advice from a Tampa criminal attorney. 

Sex Offenders’ Risk Assessment as a Defense Strategy in Florida

A sex offenders risk assessment and the sex offender probaation program utilized by a defense attorney can have a significant reduction in the chances an individual charged with a 2nd or 3rd degree felony including child pornography.  

False Allegations of Sex Crimes in Florida

There are a variety of reasons why someone would falsely accuse another of sexual assault.  If you fine yourself in that position, consult an  experienced attorney right away.  There are several things he can do immediately to either stop the charges from getting filed or assure you of the best result possible.  Don't talk to authorities prior to consulting with a lawyer.

Defending Possession of Child Pornography Crimes

A conviction on child pornography charges can seriously damage your reputation for the rest of your life.  There are several strategies to take to mitigate consequences, uses for which can be determined by the evidence in your case.  We can oftentimes prove it was an accidental download with computer forensics.  Regarless of the facts of your case, do not make another move without reading this blog post.