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Theft Crimes

Florida Grand Theft and Scheme to Defraud Defense

Two crimes in Florida that share similar defense strategies which includes taking someone else money are Grand Theft and Scheme to Defraud.  For both crimes the prosecution has to show intent that the accussed planned to benefit from their actions. The punishment and the severity of the charges are determined by the alledged amount stolen.  Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who will first challenge the amount stolen and build a case and will protect your interests for the best outcome.

Florida Theft Crimes: It's All About Intent

If you are charged with a petit or felony theft crime, prosecutors need to prove it was intentionally committed - proving your state of mind. Many times there are reasonably innocent explanations for the alleged actions.  By hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who can explain these reasons to the prosecution, they can help get the alleged crimes dismissed.

Only Talk to Your Attorney When Accused of Embezzlement

Employee financial fraud, or embezzlement, occurs when someone with consent is suspected of mishandling a business's money.  The reasons vary from explicit theft from the company to a simple miscommunication about how the funds should be handled.  Regarless of intent or guilt, if you are suspected of any form of embezzlement, immediately stop handling the money and don't speak to anyone except an expert attorney.